Academic Promotions for Non-Tenure Track Faculty


The 2019-2020 Academic Promotion Instructions for Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) Non-Tenure Track Faculty are available below. These instructions do not include faculty in the Ernesto Mario School of Pharmacy and School of Nursing in the AAUP-AFT bargaining unit.

Changes made to the 2019-2020 forms are highlighted for identification purposes only. Questions concerning these instructions should be directed to the RBHS Office of Faculty Affairs 973-972-7595 or


All Reappointments and Promotion for up to and Including Assistant Professor, Non-Tenure Track


This form is for non-tenure track reappointments at the same rank and/or non-tenure track promotions to the rank of Assistant Professor and equivalent.

Short Form –  All Reappointments and/or Promotions up to and Including Assistant Professor for RBHS Non-Tenure Track Faculty 


Promotion Forms for Non-Tenure Track Faculty


The suggested and preferred method to generate RBHS Form NTT-1 (Recommendation Information Form) is by filling in your Faculty Survey online.

The Faculty Survey is a single point of data entry for all reporting needs, providing continuous and secure access to your personal data. If you have questions regarding the Faculty Survey, please contact Tin Lam  or 848-932-7350.

RBHS Form NTT-1          Recommendation Information Form for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

RBHS Form NTT 2          Criteria Applicable to this Candidate 

RBHS Form NTT 3          Report on External Confidential Letters 

RBHS Form NTT 3-a       Confidential Letter Cover Sheet 

RBHS Form NTT 4          Narrative Summary of Departmental Recommendation 

RBHS Form No. 5           Narrative Summary of Dean’s Recommendation