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    RBHS Faculty AEM Program

    Advancement through Engagement and Mentoring

    The AEM longitudinal program is designed to build a community of practice, engage faculty, foster leadership skills, provide mentoring, and expand networking opportunities for faculty at RBHS. It also provides an affinity space for courageous dialogue. The overall aim of the program is to nurture diverse future leaders at RBHS and foster a sense of belonging and professional growth for the cohort. In Fall 2020, the pilot program was launched. Our program partners for the AEM program are the Rutgers Center for Organizational Leadership and the Rutgers Connection Network


    • Assist faculty to identify personal professional development goals, design a career path, and apply the tools provided to craft a plan on how to get there.
    • Develop key professional competencies in academic and organizational leadership.
    • Build skills in self-efficacy and communication.
    • Expand your network of peer support, role models, coaches, mentors, and sponsors.

    Learning Community Model

    Advancement: Self-actualization with Individualized Faculty Development Plan and core workshops to build knowledge/skills for educators leading to career advancement and gratification   Engagement: Advancing scholarship through “learn-by-doing” (research or teaching or health system improvement)   Mentoring:  Team of mentors (internal and external) including peer mentors, project mentors, etc.    

    2020-2021 AEM Particpants

    Modupe Coker, Assistant Professor, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

    Wei Huang, Clinical Assistant Professor, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

    Emilia Iwu, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

    Yuane Jia, RBHS Instructor, School of Health Professions

    Htay Htay Kyi, Assistant Professor, New Jersey Medical School

    Nkechi Mbadugha, RBHS Lecturer, School of Health Professions

    Novneet Sahu, Assistant Professor, New Jersey Medical School

    Dione Sandiford, RBHS Lecturer, School of Nursing

    Mafudia Suaray, Assistant Professor, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Gayathri Subramanian, Assistant Professor, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

    Yu-Lan Mary Ying, Clinical Associate Professor, New Jersey Medical School

    Monthly Activities (2020-2021)
    • November 17th | Zoom workshop with RCN- Welcome and orientation
    • January 27th | Leveraging Individual and Collective Strengths, Setting SMART Goals for the AEM Program
    • February 9th | Principles and Pragmatics of Leadership
    • March 26th | Zoom Networking and Peer Support
    • April 13th | Coaching for Self-Efficacy
    • June 21st | Promotions, Evaluations, and Mapping Your Advancement
    • August 10th | Leadership Branding: Crafting your Professional Identity
    • August 24th | Individual Presentations and Closure

    Please note: RBHS AEM program will have June-September 1:1 Coaching, Advising, Mentorship Meetings with an Executive coach, Provost, and VCDI