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    Salary Information


    Faculty Salary Scales (last 5 years)

    Compensation for Additional Services Reference Sheet

    Matching Outside Offer Reference Sheet

    RBHS Out of Cycle Increase Quick Reference Sheets

    The purpose of this document is to provide clarity on the required documents and approvals for Out-of-Cycle (OOC) Increases for AAUP-BHSNJ faculty, AAUP-AFT faculty, NJEA Program Directors, Faculty Administrators, and Part-time faculty (less than 0.5 FTE).

    Faculty Salary Overpayments Policy
    This policy defines salary overpayments and explains what is required if overpayment occurs.

    AAUP-AFT Faculty Compensation Program AY 2020-2021

    Faculty Salary Component Changes

    FTE Reduction/Increase Notification Letter