Retirement Resources

University Human Resources Retirement Page

UHR provides resources on their site to assist faculty considering retirement.

Faculty Transition to Retirement Program (FTTRP)
The FTTRP is a faculty voluntary transition program. Faculty members who meet the eligibility criteria set forth in the FTTRP will have an opportunity to apply to participate in the FTTRP. Participating faculty members will relinquish their tenure by way of retirement in exchange for a term contract as set forth in the FTTRP.

Designation of Retiring Faculty as Emeriti

Rutgers University Policy 60.5.3 indicates that emeritus/emerita titles are granted upon retirement to persons who retire after having served in a full-time professional capacity at Rutgers University for ten years or more, or as a full professor at Rutgers University for at least five years, plus a significant number of years in a professional capacity in another accredited university or college to make a total of at least ten years. All faculty entitled to the emeritus/emerita designation will automatically be “promoted” to this title at the time of their retirement and will receive an Emeritus certificate from the President.

Retired Faculty and Staff Association

The Retired Faculty and Staff Association (RFSA) serves as the official university-sponsored retiree organization of Rutgers University, and aims to create a structure, programs, and activities that encourage continued engagement of Rutgers faculty and staff who have officially retired from the University.