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    Faculty Search Process

    Faculty Appointments Manual

    The appointments manual provides guidelines for use by RBHS Departments, Chairs and other faculty supervisors/administrators, and School and Faculty Affairs administrators in the recruitment and onboarding of new faculty.

    Faculty Position Description Template

    This template can be used to design faculty position descriptions.

    RBHS Recruitment Policy

    The recruitment policy outlines all of the required documentation and steps required for recruiting faculty.

    Faculty Recruitment Plan

    This recruitment plan must be for new faculty searches, regardless of track.

    Faculty Search Completion Form

    This form is to be used for all faculty appointments of 0.5 FTE or greater on all tracks, 0.1 FTE or greater on the Professional Practice Track, and 0.8 FTE or greater in RSDM.

    FMV/Board Approval Spreadsheet

    This spreadsheet must be completed for all salaries above $500,000.

    Appointment Process Resources
    Restrictive Covenant

    The restrictive covenant is an agreement between newly appointed faculty and the University regarding clinical practice after separation from Rutgers. It should be attached to offer letters where applicable.

    Full Time Primary Care Physician

    PT Primary Care Physician

    Full Time Specialty Care Physician

    PT Specialty Care Physician

    Secondary Assignment Request

    This process should be followed for all Schools within RBHS and Rutgers wishing to hire RBHS faculty to perform secondary assignments. Secondary Assignment work by faculty is the performance of duties or provision of services that are unrelated to the normal duties of the regular position.  Such work may not decrease the faculty member’s efficiency or effectiveness in performing her/his regular duties, and may not be performed during the time when regular duties are expected to be performed.  Approval by the faculty member’s home department chair or direct supervisor, if not chair, is required.  All requests must be submitted and approved prior to out-of-title activity being performed.

    Process for Paid Secondary Assignments

    Secondary Assignment Request Form

    Secondary Assignment FTF

    Secondary Assignment Offer Letter Template

    RBHS Per-Diem Options – Class 4 and 8 Job Code Options

    Multiple Assignment Matrix

    UHR Documents

    PeopleSoft Job Code Chart
    This document includes the job codes utilized for faculty members in PeopleSoft.

    PeopleSoft Employee HR/Payroll Information Sheet
    This form should be completed for new faculty and submitted to your assigned HR Preparer.

    Voluntary Equal Employment Opportunity Data Form

    Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability

    Invitation to Voluntarily Self-Identify as a Protected Veteran

    Medical Evaluation for Volunteer Faculty
    To ensure appropriate documentation of screening for those volunteer faculty who have patient contact at RBHS healthcare facilities.  This form has been reviewed and accepted by the Deans, Occupational Health Services and other involved RBHS officials.  Volunteer faculty who do not have patient contact or contact with blood or other potentially infectious body fluids or laboratory material on RBHS premises will not be required to submit this form.