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    Diversity Recruitment and Retention

    RBHS Faculty Funding through Presidential Faculty Diversity Initiative
    RBHS Faculty Advance, Engage, and Mentor (AEM) Faculty Development Program

    The AEM Faculty Development program is designed to build a community of practice, engage faculty, foster leadership skills, provide mentoring, and expand networking opportunities for faculty at RBHS. It also provides an affinity space for courageous dialogue. The overall aim of the program is to nurture diverse future leaders at RBHS and foster a sense of belonging and professional growth for the cohort. In Fall 2020, the pilot program was launched. Our program partners for the AEM program are the Rutgers Center for Organizational Leadership and the Rutgers Faculty Diversity Collaborative.

    Women and Gender Equity Faculty Council (WGEC)

    The RBHS Women and Gender Equity Faculty Council (WGEC) engages women faculty and offers opportunities to network across departments and disciplines, serve as an advocacy and mentoring resource, and provide a forum for support, education, and discussion.

    Staff Mentoring Program

    The RBHS Staff Mentoring Program (SMP) launched in January 2021 as a pilot program. The goals of the program are to promote a culture of mentorship, professional development, and collaboration amongst staff members.