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    Staff Mentoring Program (SMP)


    The Rutgers Health Staff Mentoring Program (SMP) was launched in January 2021 as a pilot program. The goals of the program are to promote a culture of mentorship, professional development, and collaboration among staff members.

    This year-long program has two pathways for engagement: traditional mentoring and peer-to-peer mentoring. The traditional mentoring pathway pairs early to mid-career professionals with higher-level staff mentors. The peer-to-peer mentoring pathway pairs professionals together. Both pathways foster professional development and career growth while building networks across Rutgers Health.

    Mentor and mentee pairs are required to meet at least once per month during the duration of the program. The program also includes monthly development sessions on goal setting, difficult conversations, negotiation skills, and more. 

    Interested staff members should complete the application by November 10, 2023. 

    Our program partners for the SMP program are the Rutgers Office of Organizational Leadership and the Rutgers Faculty Diversity Collaborative


    Program Directors

    he program directors are staff who support the Staff Mentoring Program and participants by developing the program topics, reviewing program applications, matching pairs, checking in with mentoring partners throughout the year, and providing input and suggestions for improving the program.

    Felicia LeSure, MSOD,  Director, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences


    Tynisha Coleman, ACC, MCRP, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Inclusion and Development, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences


    Monthly Activities (2024)
    • Wednesday, Jan 10th, 11:30am-1pm | Program Orientation with Felicia LeSure
    • Wednesday, Jan 24th, 11:30am-1pm | Being an Effective Mentor and Mentee with Tynisha Coleman
    • Thursday, Feb 1st, 11:30am-2pm | Q&A Session with Program Co-Directors (optional session)
    • Wednesday, Feb 21st, 11:30am-1pm |Strengths Based Development and Debrief of Strengths Assessment with Dr. Richard Dool
    • Wednesday, Mar 13th, 11:30am-1pm | Goal Setting with Dr. Sangeeta Lamba and Tynisha Coleman
    • Thursday, Apr 18th, 4:30pm-6:30pm | Networking and Refreshments in Newark (in person)
    • Wednesday, Apr 24th, 11:30am-1pm | UHR Resources at Rutgers University
    • Thursday, May 2nd, 12pm-1pm | LinkedIn and Your Personal Brand (optional session)
    • Wednesday, May 22nd, 11:30am-1pm | Difficult Conversations with Dr. Brent Ruben and Dr. Christine Goldthwaite
    • Wednesday, Jun 12th, 12pm-2pm | Luncheon in New Brunswick (in person)
    • Wednesday, Jul 10th, 11:30am-1pm | Negotiation Skills
    • Wednesday, Sept 25th, 12pm-1pm | Peer Support Session on Communication with Dr. Christine Goldthwaite (optional session)
    • Wednesday, Nov 6th, 12pm-1pm | Peer Support Session on Self-Care and Wellness (optional session)
    2024 SMP Participants

     Alexis Fulks, Rutgers Health Faculty Affairs

    Allison Marcucci, Rutgers Health

    Amy Smith, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Amy Warsh, Rutgers Health

    Andrea Daitz, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Angelica Aceti, School of Health Professions

    Angelina Lowder, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Asia Silvera, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Brittney Coleman, University Behavioral Health Care

    Casandra Burrows, Rutgers Health /RITMS

    Chetan Dasana, Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine

    Christine Alcobendas, University Behavioral Health Care

    Cindy Merlino, School of Health Professions

    Cynthia Sandoval, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Debra Pittman, New Jersey Medical School

    Deneen Blow, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Diane Nieves, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Helen Paulucci, University Behavioral Health Care

    Helga Badillo, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Joao Teixeira, University Behavioral Health Care / Outpatient

    Joseph Fresco, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Juusaee Rosa, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Karen Robbins, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

    Karen Shapiro, School of Health Professions

    Kyle Warren, School of Nursing and RBHS Student Affairs

    Laura Pachella, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

    Laura Sclafani, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy

    Mallory Scott, Rutger Health Clinical Affairs – Rutgers Immunization Group for Students

    Marc Masciocchi, Rutger Health Office of Clinical Affairs – VC of Graduate Medical Education

    Marsha Gordon, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Matthew Pettit, Public Health Research Institute

    Michele Fisher, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

    Michelle Jansen, Rutgers Center for Advanced Biotechnology & Medicine

    Michelle Jimenez, Institute for Nicotine and Tobacco

    Mila Dunbar, Rutgers Health / RITMS

    Monica Queiroz Ferreira de Magalhaes, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Omayra Mercado, New Jersey Medical School

    Quadir Bruce, Institute for Health Care Policy & Aging Research

    Rachel Pavoni, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

    Ravi Maharajh, University Behavioral Health Care

    Rebecca Cocito, New Jersey Medical School

    Reena Antony, Rutgers Global Health Institute

    Renee Kurz, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

    Thaddaeus Diggs, Rutgers Health Chancellor’s Office

    Tiffany Niven, Rutgers Cancer Institute

    Tina West, School of Public Health

    Tissany Chatman, Rutgers Health Office of Clinical & Health Affairs

    Toni Allen, New Jersey Medical School

    Toya Williams, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

    Tynisha Coleman, Rutgers Health