RBHS Faculty Funded through Chancellor’s and President’s Diversity Initiative


For an academic health center, the demonstrable benefits of a diverse faculty, staff, and student body are myriad. From enhancing the educational experience for our students, improving recruitment and retention, to increasing patient access to care – we all benefit from a welcoming and supportive environment. While Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) is more diverse and inclusive than many of our peer institutions, if not most, we can take additional steps through conscious efforts, strategic planning, and meaningful investment to become truly representative and reflective of New Jersey, our very diverse State.

President Barchi has already announced a program to foster the recruitment of tenure track faculty, funding at RBHS two new diverse faculty each year. Modeled after President Barchi’s program, the Chancellor’s Office will provide additional funds to recruit three new diverse faculty members per year (for a total of five new faculty each year) for their first three years, irrespective of faculty track, up to 50 percent of salary. Units will be responsible for the faculty members’ full salary and benefits thereafter.


RBHS Faculty Recruits Supported by the President’s Diversity Program



Nataki Douglas, Associate Professor, New Jersey Medical School

Pamela Valera, Associate Professor, School of Public Health



Perry Halkitis, Dean, School of Public Health

Emi Shimizu, Associate Professor, School of Dental Medicine



Olga Jarrin, Associate Professor, School of Nursing


RBHS Faculty Recruits Supported by the RBHS Chancellor’s Diversity Program



Wei Huang, Assistant Professor, School of Dental Medicine

Jeffrey Kwong, Professor, School of Nursing

Shristi Rawal, RBHS Instructor, School of Health Professions