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    Computer Information Technical Assistant


    The Computer Information Technical Assistant serves as part of a team to keep a constant flow of daily activities with departmental information technology systems (hardware and software).




    • Provides information systems support to OUCP and the OUCP professional staff.
    • Performs computer system and network installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting functions.
    • Assists with website creation and maintenance for OUCP.
    • Serves as a frontline information technology representative for OUCP when warranted (e.g., events, special projects).
    • Creates and/or maintains OUCP databases.
    • Will be cross-trained to perform and/or support utilization of the Campus and Community Engagement Service Hub website and Portal.
    • Other duties as assigned.




    The Computer Information Technical Assistant is under the direct supervision of designated OUCP administrative staff.




    WORK STUDY HOURLY WAGE (starting): $8.25-9.00/hour