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    The RBHS Faculty Council is the official Rutgers organization representing the interests of the faculty of all RBHS Schools.  The members of the Council are elected at the level of each individual RBHS School, and the Council is becoming active at looking at common issues we all face.  One of the roles we serve in is as an advisory body for the Chancellor.  A new task force, the Clinical Task Force, is being created, and we would like some clinical faculty members who are not on the RBHS Council to participate.  This task force will look at any clinical issues that impact the faculty of more than one school.  For now, the most pressing issue is how the creation of Rutgers Health Group and the Rutgers-RWJBarnabas alliance might impact how the clinical faculty undertake their responsibilities.  The task force will be co-chaired by Sangeeta Lamba of NJMS Emergency Medicine, and Laura Willett of RWJMS Internal Medicine. Please participate!  You can let us know you are interested by emailing Simon Kramer at